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January 2009 - It happened! IK Clothing® finally stepped over the edge.

If you haven't been on our website lately, take a minute and have a look at the NEW clothing articles we’re rolling out. There are even more, cutting-edge pieces following shortly!

This change elevates IK up from the generic, "same old stuff" arena. In fact it's a risky yet bold move, but we've put a lot of time and effort into crafting apparel we know you'll LOVE.

Yes, that's a pretty strong statement. But you tell US what you think after having a look at our new creations! Seriously, send us an e-mail (or two) and tell us what you think because we listen.

Bringing you this new apparel, might seem easy. Or perhaps you're familiar with what it takes to step out and create something that's "eaten at you" for most of your life. Or, maybe not. But if you do, you understand the tremendous energy it takes to push, and I mean push, to locate and gather key talent, invent new things your customers will love and bring them to you.

It's worth it though, because we can move with confidence in a new direction while influencing others who will eventually follow our lead. That leadership position simply "makes our day!"

It's truly unbelievable what it takes to become and remain the best; sacrificing and pouring out the high levels of energy required. It's at times, totally exhausting yet completely worth it.

Additionally, finding the incredible amounts of time it takes to search for artists having the "right stuff" you want to give people is probably beyond your wildest expectations. And spending even more energy deciding what direction to venture in next is yet another thing, but to cut a path and reach out to people who will join in and chase someone else’s dream is nearly impossible.

Despite those difficulties, we found the "right stuff" in critical people who are willing to work tirelessly and make the IK vision reality.

The next step is sifting through hundreds of artistic efforts to recognize and develop a unique piece of art, and take the steps forward to produce product you want is IK’s key to success. IK has found the formula that meets the criteria.

IK Clothing is committed to producing products that everyone can be proud to wear at any occasion. We know our goal is a lofty one, but it's set in stone; we will continue crafting a unique clothing line that’s comfortable, trendy, and highly designed oriented.

With that in mind, we know you will enjoy our New Products!!

Our selections for our first release are posted on our website NOW. Visit us at and let us know what you think.

Internationally Known LLC.

Int'ly Known Clothing manufactures high quality t-shirts, Flex-fit hats, and knit beanies for surf, skate, snow, moto, and action sports lifestyles.